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रंगों की कारीगरी: Discovering Indian heritage through hand-woven crafts of Indian Textiles

September 30th, 2022
रंगों की कारीगरी: Discovering Indian heritage through hand-woven crafts of Indian Textiles

India's legacy of art and crafts is embedded in its textiles and fabrics. India is very diverse in culture and traditions, so its clothing varies from region to region. From ancient times, India was an exporter of cloth and fabrics. The art of weaving and dying materials has been significant in India since ancient times. Each state has its kind of prints and patterns. For example, Gujarat is famous for its meticulously handcrafted patola and bandhani. Thus, every textile and fabric represents the cultural heritage of India. Indian artisans are said to be the hero behind the artistic craftsmanship that goes into every textile thread.

Sabhyata's new collection speaks for the raw threads, age-old techniques, and traditions with a touch of simplicity. Let's dive into the textile trails by Sabhyata.

A Symphony of artistic prints and hues

Sabhyata brings out the magic of Indian craftsmanship live through its latest collection, showcasing the magical symphony of artistic prints and hues. The artisans beautifully did the amalgamation of colors with care and passion. The kurta sets has a straight cut and beautiful patterns designed to represent India's true heritage and culture. The ensemble is Artisanal, handmade & one-of-a-kind. Every garment in our new collection has a story to tell with a unique mix of craft forms that brings together tradition and contemporary fashion sustainably. This edit brings out the freshness and classic touch to the ensembles.

The meticulous hand-carving of the blocks & patterns

Block and Pattern are the symbols of India's textile karigaris. With our new collection Sabhyata aims to celebrate old-age crafts and techniques that are fading with the modern fashion trends. Handblock printing is used to produce patterns using wooden blocks on fabrics. Sabhyata aims to become the best keeper of our Indian heritage with our latest edition of hand-carving printed kurta sets. This collection includes the famous bandini & patola prints on the necklines and sleeves with matching plain bottoms. This collection makes the best outfit for working women as it fits perfectly as workwear essentials.

Embellishment with the artistic touch

Sabhyat's new collection showcases the artistic beauty in the handwoven fabric, which is uniquely and gently handwoven embellishments. The handspun fabric allows the skin to breathe and keeps you cool on hot weather days. The new collection has showcased the parts of folk embroidery in India, expressing women's lives, dreams, and desires. As we know, Embroidery was essentially meant to strengthen the fabric and decorate it, but for Sabhyata, it's more about expressing the country's artistic heritage. The new apparel is befitting to adorn at a small get-together, brunch, or casual outings such as coffee with friends.

The exquisite craftsmanship of Indigo printing

Our indigo edit is just a token of representation of the Indian karigars who have woven countless fabrics into real emotions. We aspire to keep the spirit of their artistry alive with our clothing. Indigo printing is timeless and has always been a subject of fascination, just as are their crafts. Our Indigo collection pays attention to details, and the designs add elegance, boldness, and grace. The vibrant blue of indigo is the mainstay of rural artisans who weave its magic through prints & patterns. It is bold, beautiful, raw, and a state of mind! This is a collection of fluid, stunning block-printed wardrobe picks. Explore our Indigo collection as we uncover age-old craft techniques from our collection.

Explore the collection comprising placement embroidery, dyes, prints, weaves, details, and more that will add a dash of style to your everyday wardrobe. From the meticulous hand-carving of the blocks to their precise placement, Indian textile printing is forever timeless. Unleash the season's hues are intertwined to celebrate and glorify the ancient legacy of Indian textile craft.

The whole edit is portrayed in old-age hues, giving it a simple and poetic look. Experience the sheen and vibrancy of embroidery, fabrics that speak the language of heritage like none other. Feel the beauty of history, craft, culture & traditions this season with our graceful and beautiful Rango -ki-Karigari collection!