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August 12th, 2022

75th Independence Day is right around the corner. The day of freedom makes us reflect upon our privileges in today’s age. 

The privilege of being able to wear what we desire.
The privilege of speaking our hearts out. 
The privilege of making our own choices. 
The privilege of being married to the one we love. 

But it was a long road to that freedom. The road which was taken by many freedom fighters led to our comfort. The struggles and discomfort that were felt by many made us accessible. Make the most of Independence day, by dressing up in an elegant kurta set for women. Showcase the heritage of legacy and culture with the following outfits: 


In the flag, the chakra has 24 spokes and is navy blue in color. The Ashoka-built Sarnath Lion Capital shows the "wheel of the law" or "wheel of Dharma." It stands for movement or life in motion and death in stillness. On an auspicious day, you can wear an Indigo blue-colored kurta set for women to symbolize the blue in the flag. You can add white leggings or pants to the outfit. Accessorize the look with dainty jewelry. Complete the look by wearing a pair of tan kolhapuri flats. 

Blue Kurta


The pink color is regarded to be a relaxing color that is linked to femininity, innocence, and kindness. Many people automatically link this color to femininity and girly things. This color can be an option for Independence day, as it is simple and elegant. A pretty pink kurta adds life to your outfit. Pastel colors are also in trend at the moment. This tunic top or short Kurti can be worn with a pair of white linen pants. Accessorise the look with a pair of heels. Drape a blue scarf around the neck to add the colors of the flag to your outfit. Complete the look with dainty silver accessories and a septum ring to add character and edge. 

Pink Floral Kurta For Women


Saffron, the color at the top of our flag, represents the power of our nation. It symbolizes the bravery of our past and the price paid by our liberation fighters. Instead of bright orange color, opt for a pastel orange-colored Kurti for Independence day. Pair this Kurti with a pair of denim jeans. Accessorise the look with orange-colored bangles. Complete the look with a pair of white sandals. 

Pink Kurta


Cyan color is a vivid and lively color that is a combination of green and blue. It is typically linked with vibrancy, youth, and vitality. Youth is an integral part of our nation. It symbolizes our future. On 15th August, you can wear a cyan-colored kurta. This kurta can be paired with legging or linen pants in a similar color. Drape a white dupatta with this look. You can add elegance and aesthetics to the look by wearing a printed dupatta. Accessorise the look with dainty jewelry. 


Create an Independence day look with the classic colors of the Indian flag which are Saffron, White, Blue, and Green. Wear a plain white kurta, and pair it with a plain Patiala salwar. Drape a green-colored dupatta to add color to the look. Accessorise the look with orange bangles. Add silver junk jewelry to complete the look. You can opt for white or colored footwear, depending on your preference. 

White Kurta

To create an Independence look, make sure to add bangles and a bindi to the look. For your makeup, keep the look fresh and glowy. You can add blush and highlighter for such a look. The above-mentioned outfits are comfortable, and comfort is the epitome of freedom. Remember, the day is more about cherishing our unity than the outfit that you will be wearing. Add doing good deeds to the To-do list. 

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